From time to time I will be adding items to these pages giving details of how to achieve certain objectives, usually related to genealogy and the use of Legacy software, often in conjunction with other software.

I am not suggesting that the solutions offered are the only, or indeed the best, options to solving problems but simply that they are ways which I have found to work.

* 'V' indicates a video is available

  1. Using Legacy Search V
  2. Search Events, Locations and Married Names V
  3. Create an Ancestry Book
  4. Map with Google Earth
  5. History of British Prime Ministers - Timeline
  6. British Civil Registration
  7. The Murder of Adam Mather
  8. Improve Photo Colour Balance
  9. Transparency with The Gimp
  10. Masking with The Gimp
  11. Web Safe Colours
  12. Create Legacy Web Pages - Part 1
  13. Create Legacy Web Pages - Part 2
  14. Create Legacy Web Pages - Part 3
  15. Using LTools Tidy Legacy HTML
  16. Insert Pictures into Web Pages
  17. Insert RSS Feed into Web Pages
  18. Getting Online
  19. Protect Your PC
  20. Open Legacy files with Open Office V
  21. FamGenContacts Database
  22. Create Direct Line Ancestor Tree
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This growing list of tutorials may be split into two sections, genealogy and web site construction. The former is firmly aimed at the users of Legacy Software, whilst the latter shows how to create web pages based on the Legacy program. However, much of this section is also relevant to general html/css coding.

Other tutorials relate to the use of OpenOffice.org, PC security and items which interest me; well they are my pages!!

Link: Legacy

Using Legacy

There are two tutorials on searching, the first is very basic, but the second illustrates a more complex use, utilising different search techniques. Although Legacy 7.0 has superceded the object of this particular search, the methods give an excellent example of more complex searching.

Web Sites

Taken together, the individual web tutorials provide a comprehensive picture of web site creation, from selecting a colour scheme to the publishing of the site on the internet. Using Legacy no knowledge of html is required, although it is always helpful to know something about what is going on. Some javscript and css scripts are given, and you are free to use these in your programs.

Zipper Software Link

The Legacy Database

Legacy is based on an Access database and as such is fundamentally a '.mdb' file. Instructions are given as to how to open this file with OOo. Dennis Kowallek gives details of the usage of the many tables on his Zipper Software site. You will also find on the Zipper site a number of tools for easy reading and direct manipulation of the database.

Released in March 2009 is the LTools Tidy Legacy HTML which converts the Legacy Pedigree webpage output into standards compliant HTML with an external CSS style sheet. See Tutorial 14


Two time-lines have been included, one of British Prime Ministers from Walpole todate which is included as part of the Legacy program. The other, British Civil Registration, is a reference guide covering the history of Church and Civil Registration of British Vital Events. These time-lines can be downloaded, and if you wish incorporated into Legacy.

NewThe latest tutorial is "Create Direct Line Ancestor Trees" Create direct line trees suitable for FTDNA using Legacy.


SoThink Link

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