The Grimshaw Family Tree



To view the trees it is necessary to have Java installed on your computer and activated in you browser.

There are known problems when Java Applets are used in conjunction with Vista and Internet Explorer. These do not arise when Firefox is used, and that browser is recommended. (As it is for all of this site).



To use the Dynamic Family Tree controls:


The tree opens with myself as the starting person, but this can be adjusted to any person you wish. This will allow the viewing of the full tree for any individual.

Use the Tree Index Tree Index and select the name of the person required.

Alternatively Search Tree Search can be used to enter a specific person.

By Highlighting the person selected and clicking Tree Owner, that person will become the (temporary) new owner of the tree, and so allow all members of that family to be easily viewed.


The tree for the family and relatives of Doreen Ferguson will be found on the Ferguson section of this site.

Please click the tree below for the Grimshaws and their relatives.


Grimshaw Family
Dynamic Family Tree