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Most of these sites are UK based and unless free will require payment in UKP's (£).

Certificate Ordering

For bmd certificates. (Allow 7 days for UK standard delivery)

Cost: £9.25 (from 6 April 2010

The Commonwealth War Graves Commission is a source for those tracing war casualties during either of the two world wars.

Legacy 7.0 (free but well worth upgrading to the delux edition) provides an excellent program for storing, viewing, retrieving data and creating reports & web sites (see my tutorials), whilst Genes Reunited enables members to display their family trees and encourages contact with other members and their trees.




Genes Reunited




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Gives details of bmd's from 1837 to after 1910 together with the GRO Index. Although not yet complete it is nearing completion and has millions of entries and very accessible indexes. Their records are also available on Ancestry.

Cost: Free

A comprehensive database. Holds the 1881 census for England and Wales, IGI records, extracts of British Parish Registers and other extensive worldwide records. Legacy connects directly with the IGI Search.

Cost: Free

For Scotland the on-line bmd information is more restricted. Births between 1855 and 1905, deaths from 1855 to 1955 and marriages 1855 - 1930. Additionally it has extensive Parish, bmd and other records.

Cost: Buy units for min £6.00

With the censuses from 1841 to 1901 and as a mirror site to Free BMD, this site is the best "one stop shop" on the web for England and Wales. Includes "complete" UK bmd index - free. It also has many other records to supplement these.
Now includes Scotland indexes for the censuses between 1841 and 1901.

Cost: Selected BMD records: Free

Census etc: Subscription

A UK site which contains all censuses from 1841 - 1901 and births, marriages and deaths between 1837 and 2005.

Also includes non-conformists' records, a selection of Parish Register transcripts and military records.

Access to Land Records, Trade Directories, Knighthoods and some Wills.

Cost: Vouchers from £5.00

Various subscription options

Formally known as; contains the full details of all bmd's between 1837 to around 3 years ago, together with the GRO Index numbers. Also includes all the English Censuses from 1841 to 1911, including the recovered damaged 1851 censuses, with a multiple search facility and numerous other databases. Includes many Parish Registers.

Cost: Units for min. £5.00

Subscription also available

Gives details of bmd's from 1837 to date together with the GRO Index. Fully Indexed. Forces deaths include 1935 to 1950. Phillimore Marriage Records for 26 counties. Census records are promised but not yet available

Cost: From £6.00 for 90 days

Also Subscription.

Has the 1901 census in full with a superb index and access to all censuses from 1851. The archives themselves provide much general information on genealogical matters.

Cost: Index Search: Free

Census Searches: Vouchers or buy units. min. £5.00

The problems regarding the availability of Irish records is well known, but the Irish National Archives provides an excellent starting point for locating what is available, how and where, to access them. A visit or (paid) researcher may be needed.

Records: From 2.54 Euro

A forum provided by Parish Chest for the exchange of genealogical information. There are many sections devoted to specific interests, such as web pages, occupations, history topics and much more.

Cost: Free

Includes Irish and Scots (free) Origins. Claims to be the richest source for British genealogy material on the web, but much relates to southern England. Has some unique databases.

Cost: From £4.40 for 72 hrs to £10.50/mth (or £47.00/annum)

Developed in conjunction with it offers details of the first census hand written by the householder. Not yet finalised but still essential.

Cost: Search Free

Transcipts about £1.10

Images about £3.30

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