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Image Manipulation :

It should be noted that this page relates mainly to computers running WINDOWS.

I have tried many low cost image manipulation and enhancement programs from a variety of sources including:

Magazine cover disks
Supplied with hardware

Few have proved to be what I was looking for; hence this list is short. In common with other sections the more well known and the more expensive products have been ignored.

One program which should not be ignored is Paint. For the task of copying/pasting a section of a screen shot (for example) and saving as a file it is ideal.




  • Xara Link


    Create 3D headings and buttons with Xara3D

    An easy to use program which enables the production of 3D headings in a wide variety of styles and colours, as used on this site.

    Includes variations in lighting positions and colours, bevels, textures, extrusions and a number of animated styles

    Trial: Free

    Cost: From $44.99 US

  • Gimp Link


    For image manipulation The Gimp has is one of the best programs around and the latest version has a much improved user interface.

    Its functions, too many to list, include the usual crop, resize, touch-up etc. but additionally transparency, colour change, etc. etc. It uses layers to enable manipulation of text and images. Joining the User Group is recommended.

    Open Source

    Cost: Free

  • IrfanView Link

    IrfanView is a well known, and respected picture viewer and editor. It is included because its many plug-ins (take them all) enable rapid change from one format to another.

    For example it can change ".djvu" to ".jpg" - a convenient way to convert the site images (see genealogy links) into something useable.


  • EasyIcon Link

    Easy Icon maker enables the production of icons from almost any image eg. clip art.

    These can be saved in the ".ico" or ".gif" formats and as such it has uses in Web page design. It also captures icons from other applications.

    Trial: Free

    Cost: $29.95 US

  • Inkscape Link

    The open source scalable vector graphics editor, Inkscape, ranks highly with those who need clear crisp images for web pages, favicons and image applications.

    It is not for photo or image manipulation, but it is for those who enjoy designing their own images, whether it be for buttons or cartoons. There are few programs better - and at the price, none.

    Cost: Free


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