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All too often overlooked is the need to protect one's computer from the many viruses, adware, trojans and all the other forms of malware which are out there. So this is a basic guide aimed mainly at new surfers using WINDOWS.

The first priority is to ensure that the Microsoft Updates are kept up to date and firewalls switched on. The only one I use is Windows SP2 and have no problems, although others prefer to have additional protection. An anti-virus is also a must.

Where software has a facility for automatic updates and scans this is best switched on and a convenient time for oneself set. Otherwise regular (at least weekly) updates should be done.

Pop-ups are not only a pain but can also carry malware and should be blocked. If they do crop up use the "X" to cancel them. Similarly if an e-mail arrives from an unknown source it is preferable not to open it. Just delete and put on blocked sender's list

Detailed information on the use of the software is given in my Tutorial


Protect Your Computer

Source Comments Price
Zone AlarmWell respected and a very effective firewall it protects other computer users, unlike Windows SP2. It takes a little while to configure but no more than other firewalls.Cost: Free
Grisoft AVG 8.0 An essential virus protection for e-mails and in the event of a virus getting through it will render it harmless. Best set to scan daily. It puts messages on outgoing and incoming e-mails to say they have been checked. Cost: Free
Lavasoft Adaware Renders inoperable, spyware and other malware which report back your computer useage to other sites. (see Spybot below)) Cost: Free
for personal use
Spybot Similar to Adaware but acts on some different malware. It is recommended that both are installed. Spybot also enables immunisation against its identified malware. Cost: Free
Mail Washer
(Only the Pro version with Hotmail) An anti-spam program by Firetrust which checks incoming emails held by the ISP and makes them available for one's email program. Can bounce, delete and blacklist. Will import and prioritise the address book. Cost: Free
Pro. Version $37.00 US
Google Most browsers have a pop-up blocker but Google is one of the most effective. Some sites (eg. 1837 - see Genealogy Link) may require blockers to be turned off before working effectively. Cost: Free
Registry Mechanic Not a protection against malware but does help keep to keep things trouble free. Identifies and repairs registry faults. The trial version only works on the first six sections but that is often enough. Cost:
Trial Version: Free
Full Version: cir $30 US


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