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Website Construction

There are a multitude of ways of constructing a web site from the semi-automatic using, eg. Dreamweaver to the more "hands on" which, although cheaper, may need a working knowledge of html or css codes.

I have concentrated on the latter as the codes are not difficult to learn and are of benefit when using the more sophisticated software.


For an initial look at how "css" works in conjunction with "html" W3 Starting with CSS is suggested. This shows how "css" and "html" link together to produce a basic web page.


From there Dave's Pages and W3 Schools build on this knowledge with further explanations and examples of their usage.


For genealogists Legacy 7.0 (Free) will produce, directly from the database a website which can be loaded onto a server without amending.


    Legacy Link


The software on this page is sufficient to enable the production of web pages from the basic idea to presentation on the internet. If finding a web server presents a problem then Bravenet offers a free service, and GEDCOMS can be uploaded to Tribalpages also free.


For many web servers it is necessary to use FTP (File Transfer Protocol) to load web pages onto them. WinSCP and FTP Commander provide free software for this purpose.


SoThink Link




An Introduction

The software below comprises a selection of that which I have used over the years in the creation this site and others. It is, therefore, a mixture of basic programs for the beginner to the more advanced. For example Web Dwarf is for true beginners, whereas Net Fusion requires some knowledge of web page construction.


Although I take much pleasure in hand-coding my pages I still use software, particularly for 3D effects, NavBars and Flash. See also the Image Manipulation Links section and my Web Creation Tutorials. In all cases below, the logos are links to the supplier's sites.



Xara WebDesigner Link

This is probably the best web design program which I have tested. Many web page templates are provided together with a large number of additional, headers, boxes, navbars. All are editable and standards compliant XHTML. For a beginner it is reasonably easy to learn, and knowledge of HTML is not required. For the experienced web designer, a steeper learning curve, but with the addition of the Free Xara Web Designer Tweaks we have a fantastic design tool. I cannot recommend this highly enough.

Trial: Free; Purchase: $49 US




SourceTec Software produce a range of products designed to enable the user to create javascript, flash, DHTML Menus, and the new Microsoft Silverlight scripts. They also produce flash decompilers. The one I use for the creation of flash movies and my photo albums is Sothink SWF Quicker. This program enables the use of Action Script but many customisable templates are provided. Their web site has many tutorials, but even so the program is not for the faint hearted (no flash program is) but they also have a basic version Sothink SWF Easy. One month free trials are available.

Cost; SWF Easy: $49.95 US; SWF Quicker: $84.95 US



Web Dwarf Link

A WYSIWYG program. Transfer photos, text etc. onto the page and it writes the html for transfer to your site. Easy to use and can transfer the site to your server. An introduction to Site Spinner. This is a basic program which can a good introduction into the workings of web sites and positional relationships if one compares the code with the screen.

For Personal Use: Cost Free



Fusion Essentials

Fusion Essentials is the basic free version of Net Fusion. Starting with the index page it enables the creation of a suite of linked web pages and enables a consistent design to be implemented throughout the site. It is a WYSIWYG program and provides some customisable templates.

Cost: Free; Fusion 11: $110 US



X-Fonter - this is the last freeware version 4.6. A later version (6.4) is now available for a 30 day free trial from Blacksun My comments relate to the Freeware version: Use to select any font available and convert it to a banner in any colour(s), plain or 3D for transfer to your page. Very easy to use and backgrounds and object colours can be varied. The freeware version is limited and many more options are available with version 6.4.

Version 6.4: $35.00 US.



PsPad Link

Great for editing html and other languages (see also HTML-Kit). Allows multiple pages to be open at the same time (ideal for copy/paste), with batch search and replace. Display the page in its "browser" at different screen sizes even with an external css and php. Links to Topstyle Lite for css editing.

For Personal Use: Cost Free



HTML-Kit Link

Similar to PsPad but with a better html validator. I like PsPad for batch replace and copy/paste editing but for writing html pages HTML-Kit is preferable as it is more structured. Plug-ins available for batch replace etc.

For Personal Use: Cost Free



Top Style Link

Basic css editor which tests the code and suitability for a range of browsers. It has a display panel to view changes. Links with PsPad to give a comprehensive editor. Now becoming dated due to new css standards.

For Personal Use: Cost Free



IE Test Link

Although only an Alpha release, IE Tester is a *must*, to ensure compatibilty of your site with the various versions of IE - in particularly IE6 which does not support the current CSS standards.

The program is not totally free of problems, these are detailed on their Home Page, it does do an effective job though.

Cost: Free



CSDiff Link

CSDiff is a file-difference analysis tool for Windows. It is used to analyse changes which have been made between two revisions of the same file or folder. EG. analysing program source files, HTML documents and MS-Word documents, or similar.

Cost: Free



Clipomatic Link

Mike Lyn's Clipomatic is a clipboard designed to hold multiple copies. It has a permanent memory so that regular, standard, changes to web pages can be made effortlessly. Invaluable when used with PSPad for batch changing html generated web pages to css.

Cost: Free



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