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This site is designed by Ron Ferguson with the main data compiled by himself and Alan Grimshaw who are related by marriage. A number of others have contributed by providing additional data, and this has been acknowledged where appropriate.

The main lines in the Ferguson family are the Ferguson, Lowe, Rogers and Mather, documented back to around 1800, the Tyrer family to the late 1600s (with grateful thanks to Juliet who did all the initial work) and numerous relationships through marriage have also been included. The Grimshaw main lines are the Grimshaw, Charnock and Oakley reaching back to the late 1700s, and the Andrews to around 1800. Again, relatives through marriage are included.

Other than names, information about, or relating to, living persons has been suppressed in accordance with current practice. The tree for each individual can be viewed by clicking each "Page Holder" on their page. Additionally, both sections of the site contain full family trees.

Site Structure

The family records are held in three sections, the Ferguson, the Grimshaw and the Ferguson One-Name Study, each of which has it's own Names Index and Surname List. The Ferguson and Grimshaw sections are linked together through Doreen Grimshaw (nee Ferguson) the sister of Ron and wife of Alan. The two sections are connected seamlessly through her, but one can move from one to the other using the Nav Bar. If searching for a specific surname it is suggested that both indexes are examined as some are duplicated, but from unrelated families. The Search Boxes on the Home Pages and a number of others, are common to both sections. Each has its own Home and Family History Pages but also other pages in common, such as this one and the Location Page.

Ferguson One-Name Site

This section comprises the "Fergusons of the North West England" which has previously been held on a separate site. The data relating to the descendants of Samual Furgison (sic), some 278 in total, are duplicated in both this section and Ron's own Ferguson tree. As the old name suggests, it was mainly concerned with the north west of England but the scope is being widened each month.


This site is largely based on HTML, CSS, PHP with a minimum of Javascript, Java, and some Action Script (Flash). It has been tested against most modern browsers and works perfectly with the latest versions of all. There may be some minor problems with outdated browsers, for example, with Internet Explorer versions earlier than IE8, the drop-down menus may be partially hidden by some of the graphic headers, although they can be accessed from associated pages. In IE6 Javascript must be enabled for the drop-down menus to work. Other sections may not display as well in earlier browsers, but in general their presentation is acceptable. The One-Name section is now based on the PHP driven Humogen Software.

Whilst considerable efforts have been made to ensure the accuracy of the research, family trees, and documentation of our ancestors no responsibility can be accepted for errors or omissions. Please note that unless otherwise specified places are in England. Meanwhile I hope you will enjoy and benefit from the information given here.

Please e-mail Ron or Alan at an address below with any additions, corrections or suggestions for improvements.

Contact Information

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