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Eccles Parish Church
Eccles Parish Church

Eccles Parish Church, first built in the early 1100s, heads the Parish of Eccles which comprised the Districts of Barton, Clifton, Pendlebury, Pendleton and Worsley. Interestingly, Emmeline Goulden married Richard Marsden Pankhurst at the Parish Church on 18 December 1879. She was better known as Emmeline Pankhurst the leader of the suffragette movement in England.

Eccles Parish Registers

The details for St Mary's Parish Church, Eccles are from my own research using the microfilms and the registers at Manchester Central Library.

Part of the reason for this work was to establish a link between the Lowe and Robinson families as the latter married into the family of a William Lowe who this work showed to be a brother to Richard Lowe (b. about 1802) my 3rd great-grandfather. William and Richard lived next door to each other in Vicars Street, Eccles, Lancashire for much of the mid 19th century. As this is an on-going project additional records will be added on a monthly basis including not only christenings and marriages but also burials in due course.

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  3. The Pearson records also include Pierson
  4. With marriages, parents' names are not available until 1837
  5. The date ranges available for christenings are:
    • Lowe: 1770 - 1885
    • Robinson: 1770 - 1884
    • Pearson: 1800 - 1807
  6. The date ranges available for marriages are:
    • Lowe: 1791 - 1912
    • Robinson: 1790 - 1901
    • Pearson: 1790 - 1805
  7. The date ranges available for burials are:
    • Lowe: 1830 - 1850
    • Robinson: 1830 - 1850
    • Pearson: not available
  8. The date range for burials is calculated from the year of burial

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Fergusons in Other Parish Registers

Holy Trinity, Kendal
Holy Trinity, Kendal

Research into the Ferguson family at Kendal led to one of those well known brick walls! The period studied was from 1790 to 1830 after which I believe my ancestors moved south. Careful analysis of the Holy Trinity, Kendal, register details and censuses showed that all the permanent Ferguson residents of Kendal in 1841 were from the same family. The Link below, includes the associated chapels. The Non-conformist, Roman Catholic and Quaker christening registers for Kendal between 1813 and 1830 have been checked but no Fergusons were found. Similarly, for the same period, in the parish registers for Burnside Kendal, Burton in Kendal, Notland, New Hutton, Old Hutton, Under Barrow and Staveley no Ferguson records were found.

Also included are the Ferguson marriages from the Eccles Registers. There were few Fergusons living in Eccles prior to my grandfather moving there in 1907, and their marriages below are not related to my family (as far as I know). To date the research has been concentrated on my own family with details of any other Fergusons being recorded. However, as explained, the numbers from both Kendal and Eccles have been small. Work is continuing.

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  4. The records also include equivalent surnames eg Farquharson
  5. With marriages, parents' names are not available until 1837
  6. The date ranges available are:
  • 1761 - 1830 for christenings
  • 1770 - 1914 for marriages
  • 1770 - 1852 for burials


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Formby, Huyton and Prescot Registers

Below is a link for Juliet's Web Pages which contain christening, marriage and death records for the Tyrer families of Formby, Huyton and Prescot, Lancashire On these pages are also numerous other register details and links.

Tyrer Family Registers

Cheshire Parish Registers

Work is currently underway to construct an accessible database of all these registers by the Cheshire Parish Registers Project and much progress has now been made. Their database may be accessed at:

Cheshire Parish Registers

A Word of Caution

As with all records of this type they should be treated with care as many are difficult to read. Where I have had real doubts a question mark is included with the record, but one should not assume that all the rest are a 100% accurate. They do, however, represent my best attempt. Having said that, you may notice that a couple of entries indicate that a christening has been held twice. This is not an error and may happen when the first christening was not held at the church.


I would like to thank Bea Latham of Australia (formerly of Eccles) who prompted me to look for any connection between William and Richard Lowe (even if I hadn't found one it's been fun) and gave me the link to the Robinson family. Also to Juliet who hoisted me over the brick wall I hit with the Tyrer family.

Corrections, comments and suggestions are welcome, so please use the contact facility below.