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Synopsis and Index
A miscellany of information, and techniques on using software.
Legacy Family Tree Search
How to use the Legacy Search/Find facility
Legacy Location Search
Search for Locations using women's married surnames
Ancestry Reports with Open Office org
The use of Open Office as a word processor for Ancestry reports
Make Transparent with The GIMP
Transparent backgrounds for photos using The GIMP
Improve Colour Balance of Photographs
Apply The GIMP's curves to improve the colours of photos.
Using the GIMP Mask
Accurate selection of photo images
British Prime Ministers
British Prime Ministers and their History from 1721
The Murder of Adam Mather
The story of the murder of my great uncle
Civil Registration Timeline
Parish and Civil Registrations from 1538 - includes franchise changes
Web Safe Colours
Names, Hex Number and sample of colours
Create Web Pages
Part 1 of creating websites with Legacy
Create Web Pages
Part 2 of creating websites with Legacy
Create Web Pages
Part 3 of creating websites with Legacy
Use LTools Tidy Legacy HTML
Create standards compliant Legacy Pedigree HTML and CSS using LTools
Insert Pictures
How to Insert Expanding Pictures into Webpages
Insert RSS Feed into Web Pages
Use YQL to embed Blogger generated RSS in your website
Publish Webpages
Finding a Host Server and using FTP software
Open Legacy files with Open Office
Open Legacy .fdb Family Files
Protect Your PC.
Use of Firewalls, Anti-Virus and Spyware
FamGenContacts Database
Free Contacts Database using OpenOffice.org
Create Map with Google Earth
Use the Legacy location co-ordinates to insert pins into Google Earth Locations

Photo Albums

Family Album
Old photographs of the Fergusons and their relations
Northern & Central Europe
Mainly taken in non-Mediterranean countries
Southern Europe
A selection of photographs mainly taken in Mediterranean countries
Northern England
Photographs taken in Cheshire, Derbyshire and north
Southern England
The midlands and south of England
Includes the mountains and castles of North Wales
Argyll and Ben Nevis, Inverness and Isle of Skye


About us and this site
Conditions for reproduction of the content
A summary of updates
Site Map
(where you are)


Contents of Ferguson genealogy pages
Contents of Grimshaw genealogy pages
Ferguson Family
Pedigree View for Ronald Ferguson
Grimshaw Family
Pedigree View for Alan John Grimshaw
Parish Registers
Relevant Eccles Parish Registers and others
Tree Charts (a)
Family Trees of the Fergusons - Java must be enabled
Tree Charts (b)
Family Trees of the Grimshaws - Java must be enabled
Names (a)
Index of all Ferguson Tree Full Names
Surnames (a)
Index of all Ferguson Tree Surnames
Names (b)
Index of all Grimshaw Tree Full Names
Surnames (b)
Index of all Grimshaw Tree Surnames
Links to maps of all locations on this site (except for one-name)


Genealogy Books
A Review of Books related to Genealogy
Web Site Books
A Review of Books related to Web Design
My Book Shop
A selection of books and computer accessories

The Fergusons

One-Name Study
A self standing one-name study of the Fergusons,
currently concentrated in the north of England
One-Name Trees
Dynamic family trees of the Ferguson families in this study
Distribution of Fergusons
Google Earth map of births, and Ferguson 1851 population


Links to sites providing genealogical software and resources
Image Manipulation
Links to photographic manipulation programs and similar
Web Design
Web site creation tools and programs
Web Protection
PC protection software sources